Greasemonkey fun…

Yeah, I know Pendergrass sent out an email about this about a year ago…but I’m just now getting into these little scripts. I thought I’d share what I’m trying out, so others can know what’s available, and so I’ll have a record somewhere of what I did try and what did or didn’t work. These are little scripts you can install (after installing the Greasemonkey add-on to Firefox) and which can add extra stuff to specific websites or how your browser works in general.

After trying some stuff, I got an error message in gmail which pointed me to this collection of scripts bundled together as an add-on. It’s called Better Gmail 2. So far, this seems to be a pretty decent addition to my gmail experience. I’ll let ya know of any problems I have!


okay, after trying Better Gmail 2 – I love it! To adjust what is enabled, go to where you manage your firefox add-ons and go to Better Gmail 2 preferences. Under the skins tab, you have to try out the “Gmail Redesigned”. I think it looks completely awesome!

And I also have added a regular greasemonkey script for adding RSS feeds directly to google reader from your browser, and I found it in this list – but note that all the gmail scripts in this list are old, and Better Gmail 2 does them all and more!

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